Gold VoIP

Premium Voice for Small to Mid Sized Businesses
The Gold VoIP plan is ideal for the small to mid-sized business needing exceptional performance and a rich feature set for powerful capability.
Many available add-ons and upgrades allow you to customize your service on a per seat basis
All the features of the Silver plan, plus key features to enhance business communications efficiency
​Bulk discounts for those with high seat count, and Bundle plans available for additional savings
  1. Enhanced 911
    E911 allows the emergency operator to know where you are calling from (note that VoIP phones can be relocated easily; doing so without changing your E911 location registration may result in emergency services being dispatch to the wrong location). Additional E911 locations can be purchased on an ad-hoc basis to accommodate businesses with multiple offices.
  2. DID
    A single DID (phone number for connecting to the local exchange carrier) is provided for accounts with one, or more, phones. Additional DIDs may be purchased separately, including the possibility of assigning a separate phone number for every phone
  3. Auto Attendant
    The automated attendant is a integrated menu system, or virtual receptionist, that routes calls to the desired extension based on caller input.
  4. Voice Mail
    When you can't answer the phone, callers can leave you a message that you can receive later.
  5. Presence
    Provides a “Do Not Disturb” or “Away From Desk” functionality, or auto-detects if the phone is in use.
  6. Directory
    Provides an interactive extension directory to assist callers in routing to the proper extension.
  7. Hold/Park
    Enables you to place a caller on hold. You may even select to provide background music for the caller on hold.
  8. Three-Way Calling
    Enables you to conference in up to three phones into the same call. These phones may be internal extensions or external numbers.
  9. Conference Bridge
    A distinct extension that is specified as a conference bridge to which callers may join by calling the extension. An optional PIN may be used for bridge security.
  10. Custom Features
    Customizable features like custom extension assignment, custom hold music/message, and more.
  11. Follow Me
    Find Me / Follow Me functionality allows you to receive calls at any location, or to receive calls on multiple devices.
  12. Dedicated PBX
    Your business will have a dedicated PBX virtual server ensuring the optimal service level and ability expand.
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