Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Rugged, Remote, Mobile Surveillance and Sustainable Power System

This fully configurable system provides true mobility with sustainable power and remote communications, you can place surveillance and communications anywhere, anytime. 

Renewable Energy

Optional photovoltaic panels extend operational time by recharging batteries when the sun is shining.


Interchangable camera system modules with options for fixed low-light cameras, PTZ,  and thermal imaging.

Power Storage

Choose between the medium duty 4.8 kWhr or the heavy duty 9.6 kWhr AGM battery array.


Choose between optons such as Point-to-Point, 4G LTE (commercial carrier or custom, private network), WiFi, and more.


Surveillance and communications often require raising a sensor and/or radio above obstacles. Rugged aluminum mast options  make this convenient and simple.


The optional 2.5 kW LPG generator significantly extends the performance time.  When combined with the solar generator the system could potentially operate indefinitely.


Video storage, analytics, network monitoring tools, and other options available.


The system foundation is a rugged trailer and frame with medium-duty leaf-spring suspension perfect for towing around town, across country, or onto the job site.
Mobile Surveillance
With the configurable MST you can optimize the value of your purchase by customizing the system to match your need and budget.
This MST can be utilized for surveillance, emergency power, mobile communication relay, or any combination of the above.  It is a highly versitile, robust, and extremely resilient solution suitable for all environments.  It has been utilized for university campus security, industrial perimeter monitoring, temporary remote asset protection, special events, and national border monitoring.

Designed for operation in all weather conditions and under a very wide temperature range, you can be assured your operations will not be interrupted.
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