Safety First & Always

A Culture of Safety is Front & Center

Safety is a part of the culture at Tri-M – it's part of our core values as a company and we only invite people to join our team who share this value. Every member of our team receives ongoing safety training beginning on their first day, and we incorporate safe work practices in everything we do. It is this choice that allows us to be confident, disciplined and highly productive for our clients.

Tri-M has received numerous rewards for our safety and continuing education program. We're actively involved in the Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council and the Associated Builders and Contractors. We conduct free seminars for our clients on the latest safety trends and we are proud to have the only state certified, merit training school for high voltage linemen in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Tri-M invests nearly $1-million annually on safety and continuing education. It's a smart investment that pays great dividends for our employees and our clients.

Safety Manual


To be effective, the safety program requires significant effort and commitment from each and every employee of Tri-M and its affiliated companies, therefore The Tri-M Group shall strive to provide a safe work environment for all its employees, the owner, general public, workforce and other contracting firms on all The Tri-M Group project sites. It is The Tri-M Group’s intention, both in spirit and in deed, to abide by all federal, state and local safety and health regulations as they may pertain to the construction industry. Safety training, the recognition of hazards, documentation, abatement of unsafe conditions and compliance are the focus of this Safety Program.

Every Tri-M Group supervisor shall maintain a safe work place and contribute to a safe project site, to preserve our corporate image of excellence in construction safety. With respect to The Tri-M Group employees, the communities that surround our project sites, and the federal, state and local agencies with whom we interface, The Tri-M Group Safety Policy shall have the full support of management from the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Team down throughout the management ranks.

A. This manual provides assistance in complying with 29 CFR Part 1926 and parts of 1910 regulations (minimum OSHA Standards). The contents are designed to make available to The Tri-M Group personnel reasonably accurate and authoritative information concerning project safety

B. The Tri-M Group Safety and Health Policy Manual is a guidance document designed to effectively aid in the management of all Company projects and work activities. Certain elements of the programs may not be applicable to all projects.

C. The Tri-M Group is dedicated to the pursuit of safety excellence through a continuously improving Safety Program, the enforcement of safety compliance and the elimination or minimization of exposure to hazards on the jobsite.

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NFPA 70E is the Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. NFPA Codes and Standards are widely adopted because they are routinely updated on a 3 to 5 year cycle, and developed using an open, consensus-based process. From lock-out / tag-out and controlling sources of energy, to working on energized equipment, this publication is the backbone for a multitude of electrical safety programs.

The Tri-M Group understands that as technology changes, so does the risk and exposure for a catastrophic loss. This is why we at Tri-M are not content with following the minimum standard set forth by OSHA, we exceed it. We have implemented strategies in the form of policies, procedures and training to follow the most current NFPA 70E standard. We believe that by following the most up-to-date standard, we will be better able to provide a safe work environment for our most important resource, our employees. We further believe that this mindset is integral to our customer's expectation of quality service completed safely.

Safety Is Everything

  1. Confined Space Safety
    Confined Space Safety
  2. Driver Training
    Driver Training
  3. Lock-Out-Tag-Out Training
    Lock-Out-Tag-Out Training
  4. Vehicle Safety Inspections
    Vehicle Safety Inspections

Substance Abuse Prevention Policy

The Tri-M Group, LLC is committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthy work environment, protecting our customers and the public. Because of this commitment, the management of The Tri-M Group, LLC intends to make every effort to provide and maintain healthy and safe working conditions for our employees. Therefore, it is imperative that our workforce be free from any influences, resulting from the use of drugs (elicit, not prescribed or illegally obtained) and or alcohol that could impair the safety of our employees and the safety and quality of our service to customers. It is the policy of The Tri-M Group, LLC that the use, sale, purchase, transfer, possession, or presence in one's system of any controlled substance, excluding medically prescribed drugs, by any employee engaged in Company business, operating Company equipment, or while under the authority of The Tri-M Group, LLC is strictly prohibited.
Violations of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. This substance abuse prevention policy and program is intended to address the potential influence of drugs and alcohol on the work environment, our employees and our ability to provide a safe workplace for our employees, protect our customers, and the public and therefore, this policy and program has the full cooperation and support of management. The Tri-M Group, LLC is committed to maintaining a drug and alcohol-free work environment.
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