TCS Security Solutions​

You've invested a great deal of time and expense in your facility.  Installation of the proper life safety and security devices in and around your building can provide the protection to safeguard your investment and give you tremendous peace of mind.  You can count on Tri-M Connectivity Solutions to provide comprehensive planning and implementation of scalable life safety and security management systems to control video recording, door access, and alarm monitoring for all types of clients.  From the simplest to most complex applications, TCS has an affordable solution.

​IP Video Systems

​Economy Video Systems
​Professional Video Systems
​For offices and even simple campus installations that don't require high-end camera systems (PTZ, thermal, etc.), the Ubiquity Unify system is a high value solution.  With free video management software, relatively inexpensive hardware, and no recurring licenses this system can meet a wide variety of needs at a very economical price. 

​We offer configuration design/engineering services, installation, and service/maintenance contracts to design, install, and maintain the optimal, low cost video surveillance solution for you.
​Sometimes you need more advanced features than the economy systems can offer.  We work with a variety of camera manufacturers and video managment software developers to offer you the best options for your advanced needs.  No matter what you need, we can help.

When you need advanced sensors for extreme low light sensitivity, thermal imaging, pan/tilt/zoom, long range imaging, or other special applications we can help.  And when you need more advanced features from your video managment software, like integration with advanced sensors or other security elements (e.g. access control), we've got a solution for you.
Unify Video Datasheet
  1. Fixed Cameras
    Used to monitor consistent areas or stationary assets
  2. PTZ Cameras
    Used to monitor wide areas, crowded areas, or to follow items of interests
  3. Extreme Low Light
    Extreme low light conditions require illumination and/or specialty, low-light cameras
  1. Thermal Imagers
    Sense radiated heat, so they detect people very effectively in the dark, or through foliage
  2. Long Range Cameras
    Used to zoom in on items from a great distance - 36x and 40x zoom cameras are readily available
  3. Other Sensors
    Microwave, acoustic, radar, PIR motion, and other sensor technologies are available

​Access Control Systems

Door Entry Systems
Barrier Systems
​Access control of entry ways is an essential component for building and campus security.  We offer a variety of solutions for card-based, biometric, keypad, telephone, and multi-tiered validation.
Barrier systems such as turnstiles and man-traps assist in the control of pedestrian traffic, create gateways to secure zones, and/or allow trapping a threatening individual until security personnel can be dispatched Vehicle barriers such as gates or bollards are useful in controlling traffic flow or stopping traffic from penetrating the secure zone.
  1. Card Based Entry
    Use a card to swipe, scan, or have in the proximity of the entry to approve access
  2. Biometric Entry
    Use fingerprint, retinal scan, and/or voice for primary or multi-tier validation
  3. Keypad Entry
    Use keypad to allow the entry of a pass code for entry validation
  1. Turnstiles
    Used to count entry traffic and/or control the rate of entry - some may be used to deny entry
  2. Man Traps
    Used to isolate threatening individuals in a locked turnstile, revolving door, or security vestibule
  3. Bollards
    Permanent, temporary, or electronically activated bollards may be used to block vehicle access

​Intrusion Detection Systems

  1. Interior
    Entry alarms, motion sensors, and video analytics can be used to alert on unauthorized access
  2. Perimeter
    Fence sensors, virtual fences, video analytics, ground based radar, acoustic and other technologies
  3. Intercom
    One-way audio/video systems allow you to observe, while two-way system allow response